Gas valve in the open position -->

Fresh air intake, ensure no snow/ice build up -->

Non Emergency Service Situations

<-- LED light, heart beat flashing when operating normally

      To the left of the LED light is the on/off switch

The following are offered as examples of non-emergency situations and describe what the homeowner should do and what actions should be taken prior to contacting the Service Department of Master Pipe Mechanical Ltd.

Plugged Sewer Line
This generally occurs because of inappropriate materials being flushed down a toilet or drain by users of the home. Do not continue use of toilets or sinks once a major blockage has occurred. Attempt to unclog the line using a plunger, but if a larger blockage occurs, the services of a plumber may be required. If the blockage is due to a proven builder defect then Master Pipe Mechanical Ltd. will take full responsibility for rectifying the blockage on homes we installed the plumbing systems.. Claims for damage due to the backup are to be handled by the Homeowner’s insurance.

Minor Plumbing Leak
Put a container under the leak or shut off water supply from nearest shut off valve. Contact Master Pipe Mechanical Ltd. Service Department.

No Hot Water

Hot Water Tank Manual

Prior to calling our service department:

Check there’s power to hot water tank. Small led light on gas valve located where the gas pipe connects to the hot water tank indicates power.

Check gas valve is open. It will be located within 6 feet of the hot water tank and will be inline with the pipe when in the open position.

Check outside venting and air intake for obstructions or ice blockage.

Check led light for morse code type light signals, which can indicate what the error may be. Located on the hot water tank is a reference guide for these codes.

If one of these are the problem the system will automatically re-fire.

You can also attempt to restart by unplugging the unit and plugging it back in.


No Fire Check for:

Pilot light ( re-light using instructions in owners manual if you feel comfortable doing this. If not contact our service dept.)

Yellow gas valve in open position. Valve handle should be in line with pipe.

Electrical power to fireplace. Test power supply outlet provided to the fireplace or contact electrical contractor.

<-- Exhaust pipe, ensure no obstructions