An emergency for the purposes of this New Homeowner Manual is defined as “a situation which occurs that may endanger the health or safety of any person(s), or there is an immediate risk of damage to the home or the environment”.

The following are examples of emergency situations and describe what the homeowner should do and what actions should be taken prior to contacting Master Pipe Mechanical Ltd. should the emergency take place during standard working hours.

Gas Leak (Atco Gas 24 Hour Emergency Line, Phone 1-403-245-7222)

If at any time, you smell gas (smell of rotten eggs or sulphur), vacate the home. Do not turn on lights, or any appliances. Contact your gas utility supplier immediately and/or your local fire department. They will check your system and advise you of any problems.

Water Leak (Master Pipe Mechanical Ltd. 1-587-435-1911)

Water Line Burst

A water line can burst due to a number of reasons, such as a loose joint or freezing and should be dealt with immediately. If the burst occurs between a fixture and a shut-off valve, close the shut-off valve immediately. If no shut-off exists, locate the main water shut-off (usually located where the water line enters your new home in the basement or crawl space), and turn it off until the problem can be repaired. It is also advisable to turn off your hot water tank to prevent overheating while the water supply is shut off.


Fridge water supply can be shutoff in the mechanical room located next to hose bib shutoff valves or under your kitchen sink depending on where the water line for the fridge is connected.

Frozen Water Line

If garden hoses are left attached to hose bibs during the winter, freezing of the water line can occur. This is problematic once the pipes thaw as they may leak. If a major leak occurs, follow the steps described above regarding “Water Line Burst”. If accessible, heating the pipe with a hair dryer may thaw it out. Each hose bibb has its own stop and drain shutoff valve at the water panel and should be shutoff and drained before each winter to prevent freezing.

Hot Water Tank Failure

If major leakage occurs at the hot water tank, immediately shut off the water supply located on the cold inlet of the hot water tank. Turn Yellow gas valve or electrical breaker off.

Valve Open

<-- Water supply shut off to hot water tank

Main shut off -->

Gas valve in the closed position -->

^ Hose bibb shut offs ^

Emergency Service

Fridge shutoff under kitchen sink ^

Valve Closed

Main House water shut off is located within the first few feet of the main water line coming into the house. Main water line is normally located in the mechanical room close to the electrical panel coming up through the floor.

Valve is open when it is parallel to the pipe (picture on the left) and closed when it is perpendicular to the pipe (picture on the right)





Water line panel containing shutoffs for hose bibbs and sometimes the fridge and/or other fixtures. This panel is located within a few feet of the main house water shut off